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Mastering The Art & Science

The mastering studio is very different from a normal audio recording studio. In fact, all the equipment and gear found in most recording and mixing studios can actually hinder the acoustics of a room to accurately monitor sound. Thus, the correct room acoustics and arrangement of the equipment inside a mastering studio is an important factor since the mastering engineer (ME) needs to hear each mix in detail. This room design should be non-environmental or with a minimum room interference. By working with an experienced mastering engineer, the recording artist is also open to more creative opinions and technical advice.

Is mastering really necessary?

A brilliant mix does not need any mastering. But it is wise to let another experienced set of ears judge your material before your release your work into the world. In this case a mastering engineer is your 'Quality Controller'. Once it is out there, there is no way back.

Also getting the acceptance of a label to release your track is getting harder and harder every day. The sad reality in the music industry is that most label people who are in a position of helping your project, aren’t going to give it the time of day. They are overworked, bombarded by demos. Working with a great mastering engineer will elevate your track and give you some cred with the A&R guys too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you have the following settings in your DAW:

  • No limiter on the masterbus
  • Make sure the track has about -3 / -6 dB headroom
  • WAV or AIFF format at 44.1 khz and 24 bits at minimum
  • Stereo Interleaved
  • No dithering
When you are done bouncing the track(s) please archive them as .ZIP or .RAR and you are ready to upload the file(s) by clicking the WeTransfer button below. All the necessary information is already provided for you to start uploading. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

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Usually within 48 hours depending on the schedule. But I’ll communicate this with you before I start mastering your track(s).
I offer an online mastering service only. In very rare cases I will allow clients to attend the session.
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